Rachel Madeline Pereira – Artist

As a child, I was inspired by walks with my father to woodland and wasteland. Stumbling on graffiti at an abandoned railway station, I felt there was something mystical in seeing larger-than-life Vaughn Bode creatures in pink and yellow, or Marilyn Monroe on the side of a railway building. I now seek to recreate this sense of awe by seeing the world through eyes of a child – cartoonish, and coming alive with colour.

About Me

My quiet, creative childhood in a small Somerset village set me up to become a self-taught artist.

I love to wander in the woods and lands of Europe, open-hearted and empty-handed, to allow myself to be confronted by what nature or cities might give me. The spontaneity and uncertainty of travel and synchronicity provides a steady infrastructure of overlapping ideas which can be woven into images.

I am inspired by music, folklore, history, crystals, flowers, nature, elemental realms, angels, meditation, theatre, film, children, flower essences, nutrition, yoga, travel, rap, rock, dance, parties, silence and most of all friendship, romance and love.